Shandong Green Biotech Co., Ltd.


关于我们  Shandong Green Biotech Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Green Holding Group. Green Biotech is a national agrochem designated production enterprise and specialized in processing of WP. We are the leading manufacturer of herbicides, biocides and pesticides in the world, like, copper oxychloride, copper hydroxide, copper acetate, metalaxyl mancozeb, tiezene, mancozeb, iprodione, chlorothalonil, tricyclazole, paraquat, thiram, abamectin, kasugamycin, emamectin benzoate·cypermethrin, phoxim, topsin, triadimefon, paclobutrazol, moroxydine,etc.

Green Biotech is extremely strict on quality, from raw material selection, production to shipment, our professional team inspect and monitor samples of every loop as per ISO9001:2008 international certification standards. The comprehensive quality control system lays a foundation to ensure best quality and most professional service.


Head office:21th Floor, Century Global Center, No.1589 Xinhua Road,Kuiwen Dist,Weifang,Shandong,China